About TXD Training Academy

At TXD Training Academy, we believe that everyone should have the ability to defend themselves safely and effectively. Our mission is to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to responsibly bear arms and confidently protect themselves when necessary. We take pride in helping our students achieve holistic proficiency through Self-Paced Mastery, Increasing Self-Reliance, and Learning Self-Defense.

Self-Paced Mastery

We understand that each individual learns at their own pace. That's why our firearms training program is designed to be flexible, allowing you to advance at a speed that suits you. Our instructors are dedicated to providing personalized coaching and support, ensuring that you have the resources and guidance you need to excel. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced shooter, we're here to help you reach your self-defense goals. Just come ready to learn, and we'll take care of the rest.

Increased Self-Reliance

TXD Training Academy’s mission is to empower you to become self-reliant and prepared for any situation. Self-defense goes beyond physical skills; it's also about cultivating the right mindset. Our commitment is to help you develop the mindset and skills necessary to confidently defend yourself if the need ever arises. We believe in creating informed and skilled individuals who are not only capable of handling firearms but also understand the responsibility that comes with it.

Learn Self-Defense, Progress Your Skills

We believe in providing a well-rounded education in self-defense. Our comprehensive 5-month firearms training program sets us apart from traditional firearms training courses. We start by teaching you how to use a handgun, ensuring you have a solid foundation. As you progress, you'll advance to more advanced firearms, including shotguns and rifles, until you become proficient in each of them. Our goal is to help you master your skills and make an informed decision about which firearm is right for you.

About Our Founder

Our founder and instructor brings a wealth of experience and expertise to TXD Training Academy. He is currently serving in Law Enforcement as a Detective, with a total of 4 years in the field, including 2 years on patrol, and is also certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) to be an instructor. He has dedicated countless hours to firearms training, encompassing pistol, rifle, and shotgun. Furthermore, our instructor qualifies annually with these weapons to maintain peak proficiency.

In addition to his law enforcement role, our instructor proudly serves in the Texas Army National Guard. He completed Basic Combat Training in 2016 and now holds the rank of Staff Sgt. Our instructor is also a certified Individual Weapon Qualification Instructor for the M4 platform, qualifying annually with his Army-issued M4.

In his personal life, our founder's passion for firearms extends beyond his professional duties. He has been actively involved in shooting sports for many years, exploring various types of firearms and even engaging in the refinishing and construction of his own firearms. Our founder firmly believes that the responsible exercise of 2nd amendment rights should be accompanied by continuous training and skill improvement. He leads by example, actively seeking opportunities to enhance his own skills and knowledge.

Begin Your Self-Defense Training at TXD Training Academy

At TXD Training Academy, our founder’s dedication to lifelong learning and his commitment to responsible firearm ownership align perfectly with our mission to empower individuals like you with the tools and knowledge needed to protect yourself and your loved ones. Are you ready to join us on this journey toward self-defense proficiency, increased self-reliance, and personal empowerment? Get in touch with us today to schedule your first self-defense training class!

Our Commitment to Our Students

We are committed to helping all of our students feel confident with firearms. If a student doesn’t pass their assessments with 70% or higher, we will work closely with them until they do.
TXD Training

Everyone deserves the ability to defend themselves safely and effectively. TXD Training in Houston is a firearms training program dedicated to helping students achieve high firearms proficiency through holistic Self-Paced Mastery, Self-Reliance, and Self-Defense.

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