Self-Mastery. Self-Reliance. Self-Defense.

Houston Firearm Training

Self-Mastery. Self-Reliance. Self-Defense.

Everyone deserves the ability to defend themselves safely and effectively. TXD Training is a firearms training program that prides itself on helping our students achieve our holistic proficiency standard through Self-Paced Mastery, Increasing Self-Reliance, and Learning Self-Defense.

Self-Mastery. Self-Reliance. Self-Defense.
Self-Paced Mastery

Houston Firearm Training

Self-Paced Mastery

In addition to personalized coaching, we have structured our firearms training program in a way that lets you advance at your own pace. Enjoy better access to our instructors, as well as remedials on an as-needed basis. We’ll provide everything you need; just come ready to learn!

Self-Paced Mastery
Increased Self-Reliance

Houston Firearm Training

Increased Self-Reliance

Improving your self-reliance comes down to cultivating the right mindset while you undergo firearms training. We are committed to helping you become someone that is both informed and skilled enough to confidently defend themself if ever necessary.

Increased Self-Reliance
Above All: Learn Self-Defense

Houston Firearm Training

Above All: Learn Self-Defense

Unlike most firearms training courses, our program lasts 5 months and first teaches you how to use a handgun followed by more advanced firearms until you become proficient in each of them. The goal is to progress on your skills and ultimately decide which firearm is right for you.

Above All: Learn Self-Defense
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TXD Training

Self Defense Through Self Mastery & Self Reliance

The goal of TXD Training Academy is to educate and motivate our students to responsibly bear arms. We believe in providing personalized self defense training that caters to our students’ own pacing while also cultivating a new mindset that increases their sense of self-reliance.
Years of Experience
20+ Years
of Weapons Experience
Top Marksman
Graduated as Top Marksman in the Police Academy
Top TCOLE Score
TCOLE Score of 248.5/250 Points Across 6 Courses
NRA Certified Instructor
Certified NRA Pistol Instructor
Hours of Training
2000+ Hours
of Accumulated Firearm Training
Types of Firearms
100+ Types
of Firearm Experience

How the Program Works

The TXD Firearms Training Academy offers two pathways for increasing self-defense skills:

5 Month Training Program

Our TXD Firearms Training Program consists of both written and practical components. Throughout the term, students will progress through 3 levels:




Student membership includes:
  • Firearm rental
  • PPE rental
  • Range time
  • Unlimited remedial classes (weekdays open depending on availability)
  • Unlimited interaction with the instructor.

Open Classes

We firmly believe that firearms training and learning never end.

Even if students regularly use firearms, range time is invaluable when it comes to building upon their self-defense skills. For those who are unsure if they want to commit to 5 months yet, open classes are a great opportunity to learn the basics of different firearms. 

Introductory Specials

Students who already own a firearm get 20% off their first Open Class

Students who bring a friend to their first Open Class get 10% off

Our Commitment to Our Students

We are committed to helping all of our students feel confident with firearms. If a student doesn’t pass their assessments with 70% or higher, we will work closely with them until they do.
TXD Training

Everyone deserves the ability to defend themselves safely and effectively. TXD Training in Houston is a firearms training program dedicated to helping students achieve high firearms proficiency through holistic Self-Paced Mastery, Self-Reliance, and Self-Defense.

Mon-Fri: 2PM to 9PM
Saturday: 8AM to 6PM
Sunday: CLOSED